Local Development Plan Consultation Flow Chart

Local Development Plan Consultation

The Local Development Plan Consultation is a very important part of the planning process, and the Local Development Plan (LDP) is a very important document. Any development identified within the LDP will be developed at some time in the future. The principle of the development has been agreed. The “we don’t want it” argument will have no effect once a development is included, and if you really don’t want a development you need to put in the effort up front . . . at this stage . . . before there is a planning application.

Each proposed development in the Main Issues Report, will have been assessed by ACC. They will identify what they consider to be the Pros and Cons of the proposal, and they will either recommend it or not. The papers submitted by the developer will also be included. At this stage it is a Developer’s wish list.

Do not be content with ACC recommendations, you need to make your views known . .  the developers will certainly be making their views known and if you don’t take part ACC may be under the impression there is little interest. As a minimum you should confirm that you agree with ACC assessment for each and every development included in your area.

Once approved and issued the LDP will form part of the guidance used when assessing planning applications. Major developments will generally require the developer to prepare a Master Plan or Framework document which will have more detail and will be equally important documents in the determination of any planning application.

Local Development Plan Consultation Process


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