KCC Minutes March 2017

Community Council Minutes of Meeting


Monday 13h February 2017




Adventure Aberdeen, Fairley Road, Kingswells


John Gerrie (Chair)


Trevor Rosbrook, Alex Carnie, Dave Simpson, Tom Straiton, Ian Cox (Secretary), Kenneth McAlpine, Bert Rendall


Kathy Strachan, Councillor Steve Delaney

/ Observers

Councillor David Cameron, Police,
Barry Mitchell prospective councillor.

Members of the public: Pippa Robertson and Aleen Shinnie





Introduction by Chair


Police Report

Police report was provided by Email after the meeting, but was presented by an officer.

During this reporting period there has been a continued pattern of low numbers of most call types, including public nuisance and motorcycle calls.

The suspicious incident relates to a male seen trying car door handles in Broaddykes View during the early hours of 22/01/17. A search was made of the area with no trace at that time. Later in the night, a theft by housebreaking occurred at the hairdresser and coffee shop premises at 3A Kingswood Avenue at the Kingswells Shopping Centre. It is not known if the 2 incidents are linked, however enquiries are ongoing in relation to the theft, where positive leads are being pursued.

The drugs incident above relates to a detected drugs supply case following the execution of a drugs search warrant at an address in the Bellfield development. One male has been reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

The attempted robbery relates to an incident which occurred at a semi-rural residential dwelling on the outskirts of Kingswells on 03/02/17. This is an extremely unusual and isolated incident which is being investigated by the divisional CID department. Enquiries are ongoing.

The public nuisance incident referred to in the table above would relate to youth annoyance outside the Kingswells Shopping Centre on 22/01/17.

No other incidents of note. Mobile patrols continue in the area.

Susan Taylor



Members of the public

Pippa and Aleen both expressed an interest in becoming KCC members, and would observe the meeting.



Litter in the P&R was identified as an issue and ACC advised that more bins would be provided. It was not clear if these would be litter bins, or recycling bins. David is to seek clarification.


There was a discussion on the white lines on the Kingswells roundabout.

Scottish Water provided an excellent service cleaning up sewage in Migvie Gardens in double quick time.

The issues previously identified about the new road construction on the Countesswells Road C128 have been passed to the road construction team. We await a reply.

David reported that all the road gullies have been cleaned except those beside the school and the village centre. There are still about five gullies on the footpath that remain an issue. They are in-front of the shops, extending northwards past the GP surgery.


There is no litter pick performed by ACC in Kingswells, and many other areas in Aberdeen. Bins are emptied, and roads and paths are swept using a mechanical brush.

Grit bins cannot be provided, but ACC can provide a grit bag.

There was no update on the alternatives to the X40 and 11 bus services.

Bert advised that there was a bus used for transporting kids to school that could potentially be used as a community bus. The service is financed by ACC, but it was thought that this may be an expensive option.

A dial-a-bus service in Westhill may be able to assist.

David was asked to find out if the AWPR roundabout on the A944 will be built to the original design, or if it will be built to mitigate the increases in traffic flows identified in recent planning applications.

Post meeting note: AWPR team confirmed the roundabout will be built to the original design.



Approval of minutes

The minutes for previous meeting were approved.


Matters Arising the previous meetings

Noticeboards are in a state of disrepair. Dave is to check the viability and cost of replacing the plastic.

Kenneth will populate the boards with information when he is available, and Ian will provide printed material and will deputise when Kenneth is not available.

There was a view that the boards should be located at the
Co-op, but others thought the current location was fine.





Planning & Environmental Issues

There was discussion on the pros and cons of the football stadium application.

KCC will be preparing information for the website with the pros and cons to allow the public to make their own representations.

KCC will also make a representation to planners. A vote was taken on the views of the members. The vote was 7 against and 1 for the stadium. KCC will prepare an objection.

Post meeting note: Kathy confirmed that her vote would be against the stadium.




No major change to the accounts.

The accounts need to be finalised and presented for audit.

It was agreed that excess funds should be assigned to the contingency fund for maintaining the CCTV, or for repairing or replacing noticeboards; or other unforeseen uses.




Bert raised an issue with damage to traffic islands. Bert is to report to ACC.



Date of Next meeting:

Next meeting will be on Monday 13th March 2017 at Adventure Aberdeen @ 7pm. Meeting closed at 21:30.

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