10Clearer and more strategic view of the land required for housingStarts from flawed assumption that planning system has slowed housing development.  Also presents housing requirements as technical issue to be decided by experts rather than political decision about how society wants housing to be planned.
11Planning authorities to take more steps to actively help deliver consented development. “Land reform could help to achieve this”Starts from flawed assumption that planning system has slowed the delivery of new development. Does not really question whether Scotland has a fit for purpose housebuilding industry or explore how land reform could effect real change in prevailing models of development by encouraging much more public buying and selling of development land.

Proposals for development land tax should apply to all development land, not just land that developers ‘hoard’ beyond a specified time period?

12Plans should take a more strategic and flexible approach to identifying land for housing e.g. through Simplified Planning Zones.SPZ’s already being implemented so it is not clear what our responses will change.

SPZs may deliver a bigger and earlier financial return to developers, but what is the benefit to the community?

Will making plans more powerful increase their complexity, resulting in more legal challenges?

Stops short of paying for compulsory purchase and public funding of infrastructure by taxing the uplift in land values that the grant of planning permission brings.

Not clear what if any public/community involvement there would be in the ‘infrastructure and development delivery group’

13Better co-ordination of infrastructure planning at national and regional level – stronger commitment to delivering development from all infrastructure providers.
14Fund infrastructure through a new local levyThis ducks key issues around how infrastructure could and should be funded through either public buying of development land at existing use value (e.g. as farmland and not housing land), or proper taxation of the large uplift in land values that comes when land use is changed (e.g. when farmland becomes housing)
15Improve infrastructure planning to deliver low carbon solutions, new digital technologies etcNeed to have climate change and other environmental protection aims and targets at heart.