How A Community Council Could Work . . . in a different, more effective way

How A Community Council Could Work
. . . in a different, more effective way

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Next Step For Community Council

Next Step for Community Council:Here’s the next step in modernising the Community Council. Over the last 4 years, we have intuitively used tools like Website, Facebook pages, and the big success of the Residents Forum to bring the Community Council up to keep a flow of info to residents. It seems the next stage emerging is to bringing the way we run the Community Council more modern by creating manageable team roles that can fit into a busy life, rather than hoping one or two retired people will take on the full workload.Darius has stepped down as chair after 4 years. He still remains as a committed community councillor but in our last meeting we decided to break down the roles of Chair and Secretary into smaller more sustainable roles so volunteers would know exactly what they are committing to and know it won’t become a bottomless pit :).This is how it was last year:Minutes Secretary: (Previously Marie Knowles)Treasurer: (Ian Sprott).Planning Secretary: (Marnie Crawford)Chairperson: (Previously Darius Namdaran) (Combined functions of Chair, Correspondence Secretary, Consultation Secretary, Website Person, Survey Person, Facebook admin. .The Plan for 2017/18 is to gather a team together over the next few months to spread these jobs into more roles which can be done in less than 2hrs a month plus the monthly meeting:Chairperson: (Interim- Marnie Crawford) (You?)Planning Secretary: (Marnie Crawford)Minutes Secretary: (Jen Gad)Treasurer: (Ian Sprott).Correspondence Secretary: (You?)Consultation Secretary: (You?)Survey Person: (You?)Website Person: (You?)Facebook admin: (You?)We meet on Thursday 15th June 7pm to elect a few more community councillors onto the team and decide who will take on the roles.We currently have 8 people wanting to be community Councillors and 2 associate councillors. We are looking for another 4-5 community councillors (ideally). Because we are a ‘younger’ community council it means we have family commitments that can affect Qoracy, so having a larger pool helps people have the odd meeting off etc.The requirements are:- That you live in our ward.- That you can commit to a meeting a month.- Your willing and able to reflect the views of the wider community. (Even when they may not be yours)

Posted by Bonnyrigg and Lasswade Community Council on Tuesday, 13 June 2017


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AGM Chairmans Report.

It's surprising how much we did last year. This is a video of the 8min chairman's report at the AGM last month which summed it all up: Airport Flight Path: AGM Video: Baird’s Way Petition: Baird’s Way Newspaper Article: Community Fights Back: Walker Submit Plan HS10 with Bridge: Market Site Objection: 13 Councillors onboard in October: Park Road Parking Petition: Payphone Consultation Kept Lasswade Phone: Remembrance Service Promoted Represented: Chair Announced stepping down December: Scottish Government Improvement Service Video’d us for Social Media best practice example: Extra December Meeting Alerted to Walker Homes Second Application: Alert Residents with another Video over Christmas: Bonnyrigg Rose game Discussed Rose v Hibs helped get word out about traffic: Hope field School Campus Consultations: Fitness Trail Built Opened 5 March 150 people, Peter Wright and Gary Locke: HS10 Plans Approved Councillors Special Mention Bridge Required: Virgin Media Fiber Presentation: Forum has Members 6500David Dunn memorial established: Supported Bonnyrigg BonfireThanks to Minutes secretary Marie. Bill Macdonald for Funding sourcing for the fitness trail. Marnie Crawford for planning. Chair Darius for securing funding for BLCC admin.All the Community Councillors for their faithful attendance and support.Special thanks went to Cameron Scott 30 yrs service and being a founder of BLCC. A special event with be made at the beginning of June’s meeting to celebrate his service.

Posted by Bonnyrigg and Lasswade Community Council on Wednesday, 17 May 2017

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