City Centre Masterplan – Transport

At Mondays Community Council Forum meeting there was some discussion of traffic movement planning in connection with the City Centre Master Plan.

I have attached a couple of reports which were presented to the City Council by Pete Leonard on 11 May 2016 which will provide some insight into the current Council Roads Dept. thinking. These are proposals at present. I think it would be useful to have Pete Leonard or one of his team come and present the ideas and the justification for the recommendations to the Community Council Forum.
I suspect that one of the more worrying recommendations will be the how access to city centre car parks will be made more difficult when coming from certain directions around the city. On the plus side, there is an intention to maintain the current city centre car parks. Worth a read.
Peter Roberts

Roads Hierarchy – CHI16089

Transport Implications – City Centre Master Plan Projects – CHI16061

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