How To Add a Post to Website Video 2a

Video 1 looked at adding a new post by copy and pasting it from a Word document.

This video looks at some other options including:

Operation / Topic


Top Menu0:35
Screen options0:55
1 or 2 column display1:20
Options on the tool bar1:40
Formatting text1:50
Distraction free editing2:25
Adding media / image3:45
Adding a PDF / media 4:10
Uploading Files 4:35
Google View5:45
Previewing a post6:00
Adding a table 7:00
Screen View8:30
Template selection 9:00
Adding attachment10:15
Publishing / Submitting post  11:10
Viewing post11:45
Edit Post12:30
Add Link12:40
Update Post14:00
Viewing post14:25


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