Welcome to the home of
Aberdeen’s Community Councils.

What are Community Councils?

Community Councils are statutory bodies which are established under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973.

Local Authorities are bound by this Act to have a scheme for community councils.

Community Councils are the most local level of statutory, elected representation in Scotland to raise issues and promote the priorities of their communities to the between Local Authority / Council and other bodies.

They are made up of elected volunteers that seek to represent their local community’s views in topics such as planning, licencing, road management, health and social care and any issues or highlights that might be important to the area including making improvements for the future.

Community Councils in Aberdeen

In Aberdeen there are currently 25 of a possible 30 Community Councils which are established and active.

The Community Council Forum supports the work of all Community Councils in Aberdeen and works to make sure that the voice of the city’s communities are represented as fully and thoroughly as possible in all matters which will have an effect on the lives of its citizens and which affect the city as a whole.

It meets once a month and all of the city’s Community Councils are able to have up to 4 representatives in attendance to its meetings.

How to get involved?

Community council’s in Aberdeen have elections every three years usually in October with the last elections being 2015.

Many community councils run with vacancies in their membership. If you are interested:

  • find out when your local community council meet using the link to your community council.
  • note if there are vacancies
  • go along to a meeting
  • or contact one of the Community Council members and have a chat
  • checkout what is happening using the links to community council web pages, facebook or twitter feeds.
  • if you are interested you can be
    co-opted onto your Community Council.

What is the Community Council Forum?

The Community Council Forum supports Community Councils in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland.

We provide a place for discussion, sharing of information and to promote the views of communities throughout the city of Aberdeen when there are agreed areas of common concern and shared priority.

We also help to coordinate and facilitate joint activities and projects with Community Councils in Aberdeen that benefit all of the city’s communities.

The Community Council Forum does all of this without compromising or taking the place of the statutory role and community voice of individual Community Councils throughout the city, and always seeks to support their own distinct voice and views.

For more information about the Community Council forum please click here